-We accept consignments without appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only. Join our email list or call us the day you plan to bring items in to find out about any exceptions (we can only accept what we have space for).

-Bring in fashionable (bought new within 2 years), in-season or slightly before season clothing, freshly cleaned and pressed. No goods with stains or holes please.

-Items must be brought in laid flat in boxes. We will not look through or accept anything in bags.

-We will select and price items that are best suited to our customers. Please understand if we can’t accept an item.

-Our consignment period is 60 days. When an item sells you receive 40% of the final selling price less taxes and buyers fees.
-You have 2 options for bringing items in:
1. You can bring up to 25 items for us to go through while you wait. We will return items we cannot accept to you immediately. You are required to wait while we sort through your items. We do not have the space to store any unwanted items for you to pick up later.
2. You can choose the drop and run option: you can bring a larger amount of merchandise, maximum of 3 boxes. We will donate all unwanted items to charity. We do not have the space to store any unwated items for later pick up.